Ors Olive Oil Fix-It Grip Super Hold Wig Grip Gel

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Ultra hold gel for Lace-Front wig & weave application. Combines the power of nourishing Olive Oil, strengthening Castor Oil & Burdock Root Extract, while White Peony helps promote a healthy scalp. Contains a Keratin complex that is more powerful than Panthenol, promotes strong healthy hair and enhances resilience to styling. Perfect for edges.

  • Holds lace-front and closure wigs in place
  • Edge protector
  • Sweat & humidity resistant
  • Usually partnered with Super Hold Spray

How to use

  • 1. Cleanse the hairline of all makeup & hair products. Using clean fingers, apply a thin layer of the gel in front of the hair line. Allow for a 1-2 minute drying time or until the gel becomes tacking.
  • 2. Apply your wig securely layer, again waiting until the gel becomes tacky and apply your wig.
  • 3. To speed up the drying time you may use a blow dryer on a cool setting, either pre wig application to make the gel tacky or post wig application to make the wig fully dry. (approx. 3mins.)

Olive Oil - Nourishment
Castor Oil & Burdock Root Extract - Strengthening
White Peony - Promote a healthy scalp
Keratin Complex - Enhances resilience to styling

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