By Natures Rose Water Hydration Revitalization Rejuvenation

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By Natures Rose water is therapeutic grade multi-purpose natural water and organic herbal infused formulation.

  •  Skin care: Tone, balance and refresh face, neck and skin
  •  Body Spray: Freshen up for a splash of rose aroma
  •  Hair care: Improve manageability, softness and shine
  •  Rose: Hydrates and reuces redness of face with antioxidants. Repair of damaged hair.
  •  Coconut Water: Deep hydration and revitalization
  •  Aloe Vera: Moisturization, soothing
  •  Willow Bark: Cleanse & purify pores, antimicrobial
  •  For Face, Skin, and Hair
  •  Herbal & Organic


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